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The Chicago Plumber’s Guide to Unclog Drains

24 hour plumbing service ChicagoYour drains get clogged and it’s not really surprising at all. Since it is exposed to different kinds of waste materials every time you use your plumbing fixtures, it is naturally prone to clogging. Imagine all the oily substances and stringy food items that get into the pipes without your knowledge. They will stick to the walls of the pipes and accumulate over time, resulting to clogs that will definitely ruin your day. In the event of such a plumbing emergency, you have to remember that using chemical drain uncloggers is not advisable. So what do you use instead? Good old baking soda and vinegar! Here’s a DIY guide you should follow.

1. If you are dealing with a double sink, make sure that you’ll plug the other drain with an old cloth to avoid back-ups.

2. Get a cup of white vinegar and baking soda. Pour the baking soda into the drain. Pour the white vinegar afterwards.

3. Plug the drain and let the two ingredients create a chemical reaction. If there’s no audible fizzing sound coming from the pipes, remove the cloth or rag.

4. After the vinegar and baking soda work their magic, pour a kettle of boiling hot water into the drain. This will wash off the ingredients.

5. Turn the tap on and test if the flow of water in the drain is smooth. If it is, that means that you have successfully removed the clog.

6. Now if the solution doesn’t work out, you’ll have to use your plunger. Fill the sink with water that’s enough to cover the rubber part of the plunger. Position the plunger right on top of the drain and start plunging in a consistent, fast pace. After about 15 repetitions, pour water into the drain and check if the clog has been removed.

7. Otherwise, you’ll have to remove the trap under the sink and hook the clog out using your plumbing snake. Make sure that you’ll wear protective gloves if you’ll do this task to prevent getting contaminated with bacteria and other waste materials inside the pipes.

I hope that this DIY guide on how to use vinegar to unclog drains in Chicago helps you solve your drain problem. Also read this article on how to prevent drain clogs to avoid inconveniences. And should the problem persist, only rely on expert Chicago IL plumbers.

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